You may have the most justifiable reasons to stay away but then there's that lingering thought in your mind and hope in your heart that maybe things can still change.
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Dream Diary Bit

I'm randomly going through my supposed dream diary where I used to write on the moment I wake up and discovered this:

January 7, 2011

Good morning. I just woke up and Mika Ordonez was in my dream. She was telling me to keep eating 'cause I'm too skinny. Oliver was there, too! Oh, I miss Oliver! He was wearing a dress with girls because the theme was Barbie. Some kuya rode a bike for me going down a slope. I spoke to Carlo Cruz on the phone. He told me he's planning to buy speakers. It felt so awkward. We were quiet most of the time. Angelo was in my dream, too. I don't remember what happened. I think he's planned different stuff for us to do, including a Rhianna concert (sidenote: I'm not even a fan). And when this girl found out she got jealous because her boyfriend doesn't have anything like that planned for them. She said she's bored.

... Now isn't that the most coherent thing ever?

I'm at Bo's Coffee and discovered there's free wifi here and P50- brownies (yum)

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A New Hobby

I'm quite hooked to pole dance now. As in, I want to pursue it and be really good at it! I could earn from it in the long-run if I do shows with Pole Academy Philippines once I turn into a pro :> BUT I don't think my salary's enough to pay for dance classes :( I'm trying to find extra sources of income now just so I could dance.

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Soon enough, I'm hoping our teacher Ed won't have to spot me anymore while I do my tricks on the pole. ♥

For now, I should work on my arm strength. Weights are my friends!
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Gym Pet Peeves

1. Girls who apply make up BEFORE their workout-- I mean, come on, you're just gonna sweat it out anyway

2. People who go a split-second faster than the instructor during classes just because they know the tracks so well

3. Instructors who can't follow or get lost in the beat/ counting

4. Personal trainers who watch your every move while you lift weights (NAKAKACONSCIOUS)

5. People who cuss during yoga or Body Balance

6. People who SUPER KADUPER KADUPERRRRRRRRR exaggerate their movements during dance class, sometimes adding their own steps

7. People who don't even exert effort but still have a yabang look on their face

8. Trainers who just try too hard to be friendly DURING a workout!

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Auntie Anna (No pretzels here, just lots of love!)

We took Charmina and her lovely offsprings, Victoria and Levi, out to lunch in Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino today. She said I'm the official favorite tita because they keep asking to see me. But wait, I have another title.

Levi: You're the shortest tita I ever had.

And this is coming from a 7-year-old. Hahaha!

So I imparted some wisdom to my little nephew:

Levi: I love dinosaurs. I have a lot of dinosaur toys but I still want more and I don't know why.
Best tita ever: Yes, Levi, that's okay. It's like girls and shoes-- we can never have enough.

I think it's only right that he tries understanding that early ;)

More life lessons:

Levi: I wish I were a girl instead! I have too many girl friends and no boys to play with.
Best tita ever: You'll like that when you get older.

And apparently, this boy's pretty deep for his age, too:

(My brother changes his voice while they were playing with a dinosaur in the car)
Levi: You sound like Barney (laughs)
My brother: Eww, I hate Barney.
Levi: Me, too!
Charmina: Excuse me, you liked Barney before.
My brother: (whispers) Say, "that's in the past"
Levi: (loud and confident) Times change!

Victoria's adorable. Always singing and laughing and asking if she could come to my house. She refused to take a bite during lunch and decided to just sit on my lap. She borrowed Katherine's toy injection and kept stabbing me either on the arm or the neck. I'd play dead by throwing my head back for a few seconds and then wake up abruptly to startle her. She and Levi giggled like crazy and kept doing it again and again. It's fun but super tiring! And it came to a point where Ching Ching (Victoria's silly nickname) would tickle me on the neck to wake me up. Eep! :)

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What a happy Sunday :)

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Happy Kiddo Sunday

I was hyper and uber gigil with my little sister this morning at Church. It reached the point where she'd squeal with glee and I'd feel guilty for causing a ruckus and for not paying attention.

There's this other little girl in Church that I'm quite fond of. Her name is Maxi; she's four years old, has chinky eyes, and always wears pretty clothes and a pretty smile. She used to sit beside us but I think her dad is strict and doesn't want her talking and playing during mass. I remember she always wanted to stay on my side and her dad kept trying to make her sit in between him and his wife. After a few Sundays, they finally decided to sit somewhere else. Earlier during communion, I saw Maxi lined up with her parents and holding a seemingly new Jessie doll. I smiled and she smiled back shyly and gave a little wave. It made my heart smile. And then, I saw another little girl, Angela, about 2 years old who sat near us a bunch of times before. When they were walking back to their seat, she stopped over where we were and gave Katherine a hug. Awww. :)

I saw Maxi again during the final blessing while my sissie and I were waiting for the holy water to touch us. She was being carried by her dad, who greeted hello first. I asked if she got Jessie for Christmas, and daddy said yes, Santa gave her that toy because she's been a good girl. Maxi was shy the whole time. I wish I could interact with her more. I think it'd be fun to play with her because she talks and giggles a lot.

Oh, and I want a Jessie doll, too. And Woody! And Bullseye!

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